About us

Ferdinando Cairoli established our business way back in 1937. Subsequently, Paolo transformed it from an artisanal business to a commercial business, giving it a more entrepreneurial approach.

From the eighties through to today, our challenge has always been to keep up with the times, diversifying and increasing our range through the sale of products strictly connected with the world of two wheels, including clothing and accessories, implementing and exploiting the potential offered by Internet.


“Entering Cicli Ferca is like walking into a friend’s house”: this is our mission.

Our team was created to interpret and meet the needs of every customer, in the simplest way we know: with a service that is professional, prompt and top quality, elements on which Cicli Ferca has built its reputation over the years.

We have turned our passion as cyclists into a true profession: we have worked in the industry for more than seventy years; we have guided customers in their choices, day after day, with the same enthusiasm as always, putting our knowledge and experience at their disposal. Not only do we sell bikes, we also offer a vast range of products connected with the world of cycling, such as technical accessories and clothing.


We are proud of the decades of history behind Cicli Ferca and the values on which our reputation has been built, day after day:

  • Customer care: at the heart of our work lies the customer, for whom we strive to offer carefully selected and highly qualified products and a service that is competitive, punctual and consistent.
  • Passion: our success is the result of the dedication and commitment shown by all of our staff. First and foremost, we are cyclists, so we try to guide each customer in making the right choice, placing at their disposal the knowledge and experience we have acquired over time.
  • Quality and innovation: we always try to keep up with market trends in terms of products, skills and services. Attention to detail remains our focus for both pre-owned and new bikes.
  • Professionalism: we have worked in the industry for decades with the same degree of enthusiasm as always and we want to improve and perfect our work to meet the needs of our customers.